This site is about sharing of experiences, insight, and awareness leading to the "happening" of Awareness or Enlightenment or SELF Realization!

Sri Ramana Maharishi
There is neither creation or destruction, neither birth or death, neither destiny or free will, neither path or achievement, neither guru or student, neither bondage or liberation! Awareness alone is!
~Sri Ramana Maharshi


November 27, 2016

Here I AM present today, Now writing about Oneji.  I can only write about Oneji, because I can’t really say who he IS.  So many-things to say here-now and yet no-thing to say here-now.  It’
s beginning to sound like a Zen koan, Now.  A decade or so ago I happened across some Zen books, which can be quite confusing to the mind, intentionally on the Zen Masters' part, I might add.  One book in particular arises to the surface presently, “The Zen Sayings of Huang Po,” a classic amongst Zen literature.  After finishing the book, my mind was tumbling, tossing, turning, and more confused than ever, needless to say: Out of no-where a thought arose, “What did I learn from this book?” 

Then the answer to the thought emerged, “I AM No-One from No-Where doing No-Thing, Who appears to be Someone from Somewhere doing Something”, which sums up the teachings of the Buddha as well as the Advaita sages. It was and is the only true statement (I realized) that I could make about myself after that and NOW.  Another landmark happening for me, occurred while reading and absorbing the teachings from the book “Be As You Are” by Sri Ramana Maharishi.  From there other happenings occurred unveiling the understandings of existence in both non-duality and duality cumulating with the emergence of Oneji.  Yes, you see, Oneji just emerged or happened by GRACE.  Nothing dramatic, no fireworks, parties, signs from the heavens, simply Oneji happened. 

More could be said here, but transmissions or sharings are in the mist for the emergence of numerous discourses on the subject of non-duality (Advaita), self-realization or enlightenment. It’s likely to be direct-indirect, funny-serious, politically correct-politically un-correct, and perhaps even outrageous at times.  Life simply will not have it any other way.  Videos, books, audios, group satsungs, personal satsungs, and who knows what else are PRESENTLY on the happening que…

If there is but one thing to share with you right NOW, that is, never give up or yield to anything that inhibits your inspiration for self-realization. FOLLOW YOUR INTUITION! It may happen easily or there may be numerous obstacles and impasses.  What you think of as YOU, the body-mind organism, which includes your Ego and all of your Personal stories, can’t cause awakening to happen ever! If and when it HAPPENS it will be by the GRACE of the One or God or Awareness or the numerous names referring to ONE! 

Consider this!
Can the indescribable be described?  What name does THAT which IS, the nameless answer to? What boundaries can be set for the boundless?  Who are YOU really?

Awareness IS your  true nature, isn't it?